Monday, December 21, 2009

about Lee Hou Yeung

Hello! I'm Lee Hou Yeung. Here are some of my works that i would like to share with you. I've attended Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic's Digital Media Design Course in 2008. I specialised in the Animation, and finished with 'Diploma with Merit' Certificate.

After my National Service in Singapore (till 09 May 2010), i am interested to further study in Hong Kong City University's Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Media to pursue my dream as a film director. As I'm very interested in film making, i see this course can provide the lessons that i need to learn to become a better film maker for both live action film and animation. I'm also fond of doing concept art, storyboarding, illustrations, and writing my own original stories.

If there is any questions that you wish to ask, feel free to email me at

This video was done during my Polytechnic years. It's an animation competition held by Ministry of Manpower, and my team of 3 won 1st prize. I came out with the animation idea, storyboarding and part of the 2D animation.

Lee Hou Yeung

Monday, January 26, 2009

Love . Paris

Update! i finally hav some time to sit in front of my com and doodle! yeap, becos its Chinese New Year! CNY = one and a half day holidays for the serviceman!

this is my latest work :)

i randomly sketched the guy in the front...then i sketched a loving couple...then i drew a 'Paris-ish' Street for these characters. I didn't plan for this..and so, the composition is really bad here. I totally enjoy painting digitally without anything fixed in mind, but my works start to look plain and repetitive...Sigh. (needa plan my drawings!!!)

Aniwae, i like sketching with opacity at 100%. Cos i can see my art style coming out really quickly when i'm putting hard-edged lines on the canvas. will explore this area more!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's all inside.


i've not use my right hand to draw for a long time. these works were digitally sketched in Photoshop a few weeks ago... No intention to finish i shall jus post them.

recently, i'm more into developing story ideas. My creative mind is almost working 24/7. I love fantasizing in my own world...haha! its a wonderful place...and i must realize(work out) this world and share it to my frens and other people :)

btw, i'm just had a little breakthrough regarding on my own philosophy about Life! Hooray! haha!
Sometimes I would say that i'm more of a philosopher than an artist. i draw my philosophy. therefore, philosophy becomes the priority. and yea, it's true for my case. and i'm gonna 'dig' more about life for life is truly my inspiration. the more i know about it, the more creative or artistic vision i will have...

got the clue about how my art comes about?

hope u like my sharing.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'll Find You

okay, i kinda pissed off right now.

i'll explain why...

i finally got an idea of what to draw! a gal...we're "linked" by a wire thingy.
I can see some room for visual explorations for this piece...walala...i'm ready to go...i seriously needa update this blog.

then, i realise i needa bk in later makes my rush my work.

this piece ain't what i want it to should be much better. i'll redraw this piece next time.

but at least, i've moved my pencil and posted this one. not bad...

shall give a pad on my shoulder...

yes, the chinese words say, " I'll find you."

gtg. damn it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The river of Armour

yeah, this is the river of armour. i drew this because i'm like armour stuff! so yeah, took some time and patience to finish this one, lots of lines there...haha!

Literal translation for the chinese words appear on the drawings.

'Everything will stop eventually, rewinds and goes back to mother nature.'

in other words...let it flow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

missing you!

yeah, i'm missing you!

i hav this idea in mind for quite sometime already. it's a valentine's day card, haha!

oh, its september now...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Soul

finally. i'm back to this blog. i so wana update this blog...filled it up with many many paintings and drawings...but i failed to do so. haizzzzzzz....

this image just came to my sent chills down my spine.... hence, i decided to paint it the same time, i'm trying to find out what my unconscious mind is trying to tell me.

a rebirth perhaps...devil unleashed perhaps. i dun noe. and i dun want to know...haha!

will draw or paint at least one more before i go back to the army. i need more time!